Hogs are all over both the Waurika and Caddo Division ranging in size from 20lbs to 350lbs or bigger. To give each ranch rest and minimize hunting pressure, hunts are booked in alternating fashion. Hunts take place mainly in blinds over a feeder, bait site or food plot. Additional bait will be put out when you are dropped off for your hunt. When spot and and stalk opportunties present themselves we will take full advantage of the situation. There are no limits on the number of hogs you can take during your hunt. There is no trophy fee or additional fee after the first hog. Your hunt is a flat rate and we want you to enjoy the hunt and not worry about "buying" another hog if the opportunity presents itself. Our ranches are free range and free chase so there is no guarantee. Maximum effort will be put forward in order for you to harvest a hog.  Hog hunts are booked in September, December-April 1st and May. (June-August hunts call for availability). In order to have the lodge exclusively a group must have a minimum of 4 hunters in the group. Groups of 4 or less will be mixed with another group.